Terra Australis is a Western Australian production company specialising in everything underwater. We have grown to become one of the most well respected, hands on creative teams in Australia.  Combining our extensive diving experience and expertise with a our passion for ocean based filming, ensures our creative vision is second to none. 

We are on a mission to light up the world through film. With our combined 30 plus years of commercial diving in the oil and gas industry we have experienced the underwater world in a completely unique way. Using innovation and boundary pushing filming techniques provides us with a leading edge in creating imagery that touches, inspires and captivates audiences globally.

Our multi-media content has been showcased on Discovery Channel, BBC, New York Times, MTV, Buzzfeed, Australian National T.V Channels 7, 9, 10 & GWN. Boasting over 3.5 Million views from online videos produced by the Terra team, and featuring on radio channels, ABC, JJJ, and we are just getting started :)



  • Marine / Diving 

  • Online Videos

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  • Locations / Exploration

  • Subsea Engineering

  • Documentaries

  • Viral ads

  • Underwater / Surface Cameras

  • Aerial-Drones / Helicopter

  • Commercial Branding

  • Editing Services

  • Diving

  • Engineering

  • Fabrication

  • HD Video surveys

  • Research and Exploration


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Video Production


From above and below we get the shots.

We use the latest in high end video and photographic equipment above and below the surface to ensure every shot is a keeper. Terra Australis specialise in the use of surface and underwater cameras, drones, Helicopters, thruster powered shark cages (hand built by us!), custom camera stations, and lots of ingenuity and hard work to get the shots we are known for. 


With our Robinson 44 helicopter on standby we can be in the air and filming at short notice. Utilising the versatility of the chopper for an aerial perspective on shoot or simply for location scouting this addition to our arsenal pushes our ability to capture stunning and unique imagery. Options are available for the addition of a cineflex cameras system.



Welcome aboard Infamis.


Infamis is our 140ft mothership, masterfly captained, owned and refurbished by Ashley Sutton. With state of the art navigation and seabed scanning technology, Infamis is decked out to uncover the beauty our ocean hides.


Boasting 12 accomodation rooms and enough deck space to fit sea containers, commercial dive spread and smaller vessels. You wont want to get off Infamis once on board. 


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Contact Us

JOHNNY DEBNAM Founder,  Creative Director

Johnny is the founder and one of the major creative driving forces behind Terra Australis productions.


After spending years as a deep sea commercial diver and undergoing sub sea engineering projects, Johhny's passion for the ocean and film lead him to documentary filmmaking nine years ago.

Johnny thinks outside the box, actually there is no box of limits in Johnny's mind! He is inspired and determined to create magic and leave people in oar with our oceans beauty and power. 

ANDRE REREKURA Co - Founder Ocean Master

Andre is the co founder of Terra Australis and a true master at sea.

Highly regarded in his field of expertise, Andre is one of the most in demand in water camera operators in Australia. Andre has worked on some of the largest and most complex ocean documentaries ever filmed in Australia. 


An instrumental member of the team, his insatiable pursuit of unique vision is invaluable to the team's success.

As well as being a super talented human, Andre is one the most positive, proactive and resourceful humans you will meet. Bringing relentless energy and positive vibes he is a crucial link in the Terra Australis chain.